Slo Dogg interview..


Brice from the Bicycle Shop In Roseburg Or. sent me this link this morning.I think he made this about 4 years ago for school.Watch it till the end because Slow has some words of wisdom for everyone!HAHA!I think it was a message for Slo nowadays!


One Response to “Slo Dogg interview..”

  1. LUSCERO Says:

    What a coppout! I’ve seen better interviews with Bob Haro and Larry the bum. The real reason Steven got his nickname was his inability to consume Taco Bell food in a reasonable amount of time. Steven, Gabe, Rueben and myself stopped off in Woodburn to get some food from riding in Portland. We all had to wait on Steven as he was taking his sweet time. We called him slo dogg and the rest is history. Way to conveinantly leave out the truth Abe! Unbelievable.

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