Mandatory Helmets for all Vancouver Skateparks??


Hey guys unless you wanna be getting tickets for not wearing a helmet at the parks in Vancouver you should show up at this meeting.

The Clark County Board of Commissioners (Betty Sue Morris, Marc Boldt and Steve Stuart) will be meeting with the Youth Commission ( at an informal work session this Wednesday, November 28 to discuss bike helmets.

If you have an interest in whether or not the county changes the law to require bike helmets (they are not currently required for riders of any age), you might want to attend this work session. There won’t be a formal public comment period at the work session, but occasionally the County Commissioners will ask the audience to comment on the subject. You can e-mail the commissioners after the work session to express your opinion as well (

No decisions will be made as a result of this work session, but the Youth Commission may make a recommendation to the County Commissioners about what they’d like to see happen. Note that any laws about bike helmets can easily be expanded to include requirements related to safety gear/helmets for all users of county-owned skate parks (including skateboarders).

Bike Helmet Work Session
Date: Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Time: 3 p.m.
Place: Public Service Center, 6th floor training room, 1300 Franklin Street in downtown Vancouver


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