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December 29, 2007

Here are some pics Tope and Seyi sent to me from Taiwan.Seyi has been living there the past year teaching english and Tope went out there to spend Christmas with him.Check the pics out and we can’t wait to see you guys back in Portland and shred some of the new parks.reunited.jpgSeyi and Tope.oluwa.jpgSeyiseyibuilding.jpgTaiwanputittogether.jpgTaxi drivers in aw while seyi puts his bike together.topeflyin.jpgTope burning one at their local park!


Merry Christmas!!!!

December 25, 2007

Quick link!!

December 20, 2007

It’s raining as usuall so go check out
walter pieringer’s
website.Its packed with a lot of good riding and none riding photos.The pic above is walter boosting the vert ramp at windells snowboard camp a few years back with a walking boot on!
I really dont know how this is selling candybars but i think its awesome!

2 homeless stories……..

December 18, 2007

Dean is down in So Cal right now scowering thru burnt wreckage of houses shredding pools.Last time i talked to him they were going to Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers house to ride that pool.So if you see Dean you know he’s broke so buy him a BRC from Pollo Loco!
Going from a Homeless person to Homeless bikes.Homeless was a company that came out of austin in the early nineties.Well they made a few banger videos in that time and Homeless Trash is probably the most remebered.A lot of street stuff that went down in this video was easy to say about a decade ahead of its time!Well i wished the whole video was posted but here are the sections that are.
James Shepard

Ed Koening

Kevin Gutierrez

Lee Sultimier(One of my favorite sections ever!)


December 14, 2007

The picture above is how i have felt for like the past few weeks trying to get the site fixed and get the store back online so you guys can order stuff!Its definatly moving forward but at a lot slower pace than i anticipated.Just so you know the shop is still open and running and has been getting in a lot of new stuff.So stop by and check it out!Or give us a call 503-282-5408
On to better note the mini in the shop pretty much gets shut down on a daily bases by this guy!Brad.I would put brad’s last name down but i cant remember it.I think it’s one of those weird last names that no one can remember.And yes i know that photo is amazingly horrible!
This photo is from 81′ and the guys name is Jeff Watson.I have been checking out
Maurice Meyer’s

website a lil and there is a lot of cool old pics on there if you wanna check it out.
And ill end with this pic i took one night of some drunk guys beating up a taxi driver.I have know idea what for though.

Subrosa completes in!!!!

December 12, 2007

Thats right we have just received a bunch of the subrosa completes including the 24′ with mags.
So i totally stole that image from the subrosa site!

On that topic you should go to the

site and check out the photos and video they have up from the ‘Shit The Fuck Up’ tour.

New Animal Stuff In!

December 3, 2007

Hey guys we just received some animal woodgrain shirts,Vinnie sammon sprockets in 25,28, and 30t.Plus Animal pivitol seats and Edwin grips!