The picture above is how i have felt for like the past few weeks trying to get the site fixed and get the store back online so you guys can order stuff!Its definatly moving forward but at a lot slower pace than i anticipated.Just so you know the shop is still open and running and has been getting in a lot of new stuff.So stop by and check it out!Or give us a call 503-282-5408
On to better note the mini in the shop pretty much gets shut down on a daily bases by this guy!Brad.I would put brad’s last name down but i cant remember it.I think it’s one of those weird last names that no one can remember.And yes i know that photo is amazingly horrible!
This photo is from 81′ and the guys name is Jeff Watson.I have been checking out
Maurice Meyer’s

website a lil and there is a lot of cool old pics on there if you wanna check it out.
And ill end with this pic i took one night of some drunk guys beating up a taxi driver.I have know idea what for though.


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