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Come Up Premier!!!!

January 28, 2008


Yo be there!We will have copies available that night also!

The Come Up Bmx


Justin Inman /West Linn

January 27, 2008


Hucke’s New Haro…!

January 26, 2008

Ben just got back from Hawaii the other day and stopped by with his new bike.ben.jpgben1.jpgDean Dickinson Corvalis pool.1.jpg

Boom Chika Boom Boom!!!

January 22, 2008


Dakota Shralp

January 15, 2008

nullPhotos from the fit site of Dakota barging and riding the Volcom hate skate-only park!  Go ride this week it should be nice? 

Muck’s life

January 14, 2008

Here are some pics longtime homie’s Forrest Berkey and Allan Parker Shredding down in Austin.Check the pics!Forrest boostin!boost.jpgForrest fufanufuf.jpgBogues Street x-up!bogues1.jpg


January 13, 2008

shwish.jpgthis funny lookin’ fella sure has some fancy foot work “SCHWWWTTtt”work.jpgMe and Eddie would watch videos with Shad in them, pause it when he would crash/do something funny, take a camera phone pics of it then text it to him. GOT YA!!! -Vince

Jimmy “Gunslinger” Stewart

January 10, 2008

dean-and-jimmy-gun_1.jpgSo we were shralpin this ditch in San Fran last year and we look over and see this dude roll out of his bum camp on his stolen Specialized and two rats on his shoulder. He told us his name was Jimmy “Gunslinger” Stewart and that he got pulled over for drunk driving and the cop was being a dick so he shut that bitch down. But shortly after he was beatin down by 3 other cops and spent the next 25 years in the joint. Now he’s livin that rock and roll lifestyle in one of the best ditches in the world. Party on Jimmy this ones for you bro! TEAM SHRALP!!!dean-garden-grove-pool-bail_1.jpg
No handed ninja drop!
CIRCLE JERKSJan 17th Hawthorne TheatreBOOM!


January 6, 2008

Lil Codie Recently jut purchased a Fit Hawk frame and fork kit from us so i decided i would take a few flicks of it for you.Codie shreds St. Johns park and holds it down in North Portland.If you ever show up at the park and need some lines just watch him for a lil while and you will be set.Here he is at Glenhaven park boostin a T Bog!tb.jpgcd.jpgbk.jpg

Happy New Year!~

January 4, 2008

Hey guy while your on some downtime from working on your new years resolutions check out this blog Eddie C. and some of the S.F. heads have been posting on – baygame.