Lil Codie Recently jut purchased a Fit Hawk frame and fork kit from us so i decided i would take a few flicks of it for you.Codie shreds St. Johns park and holds it down in North Portland.If you ever show up at the park and need some lines just watch him for a lil while and you will be set.Here he is at Glenhaven park boostin a T Bog!tb.jpgcd.jpgbk.jpg


3 Responses to “NO PO”

  1. s8466369 Says:

    How old is this dude. He looks pretty good!

  2. Andy Ollerton Says:

    Lovely setup there man. Also lovin the tobbogan air .Holla at the lotek ramp. keep kickin

  3. LITTLE DAN Says:

    That fool sucks! hahaha I could beat him up too!

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