dean.jpgHey everyone we have some new stuff going on over here.First off Dean is working on our next video project called S.O.S. which stands for some old shit!Basically we have a lot of old footage laying around that is still real good so we are going to make a video out of it and sell it for real cheap.It will have some stuff from the web videos also cuz its always better to see that stuff on the TV!

chill.jpgBruce has been hanging out a bunch at the shop and him and vince are in the process of filming a new web vid that we should be dropping real soon! 
Here is Bruce’s new bar from federal.If your into a slightly smaller bar you might like these!
So many people around here just built up new rides so check em out!This one is Bruce Crisman’s Federal. vince.jpg
Vince Kroff’s new Premium.
Holly Linstead’s new Sunday!
nick.jpgNick Kirkland’s New Hoffman!


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