Dean did the Wormhole!



Dean was so stoked on doing the loop secong try he treated himself to DQ!!

Blinky even showed up to Sprinfield to shred!!
Mad people at the jam!
Spencer and Ben
Rich Luc-e grind
Vince and Dean
The crew ended the day at Pizze Pipeline!

4 Responses to “Dean did the Wormhole!”

  1. Trent[Life Is Kick Butt] Says:

    Fuck Shad you have long ass hair you need to pull that back into a ponytail

  2. James Burnham Says:

    That was a fun jam. It was a little too packed for me. We need to get some more of these going soon. Good Times..

  3. toky Says:

    Dean was never a one hit wonder – he always had to flow into stuff. I miss that Wormhole.

  4. nutsacair Says:

    Then he did a cornhole! Yeah!

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