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Dean’s trip south!

April 10, 2008
So one day I got an email from Bdubbs about some sick
ass pool in Austin that was hittin. Along with the
email Ben sent me a pic of the pool and that was
enough for me to make my way down south. And about the
same time Kurt Rasmusson told me the Howard Johnson's
pool was goin again. This was BIG news to me cause it
might be the greatest pool in the world! So I jumped
on a plane to go shred with Kurt Dog. I was only out
in LA for a couple of days but we managed to shralp
Kurt's backward pool, Kurt's new ramps, HoJo's, and
the incredible Salton Sea. Then I took off to Austin
to go seek out that pool that has been making me toss
and turn at night. When I arrived to Texas Forest and
Bogues defiantly hooked it up! I was stoked this trip was fucking cool!- Dean

Forrest and Bogues in Austin!

Forrest and Bogues in Austin!

Dean outside of Austin.

Howard Johnsons.

Kurts pool!

Kurts ramps.

Kurt at a small square in the Salton Sea.

Old bus at the Salton Sea.

Square at the Salton Sea.




April 9, 2008

Dean and Rich just wrapped up our new video effort!S.O.S!Which stands for Sum Old Shit!This video is just a bunch of footage we have had laying around.Some of it was used in a few web videos and commercials but we thought it would be fun to make a video you can sit down and watch with it!The video is going to run $5 bucks and will be packaged all  bootleg.Im stoked on it though and think its real fun!Hope you guys will enjoy!They should be available for sale on the site at the latest next week!

Couve revisited.

April 8, 2008

I was just looking around on you tube last night when i ran into this clip of john B and I doing this over under air!