One Crazy Month


So the pass month for me has been insane! And I thought it would be a good idea to post some pics for the site. This is where it starts. 

When I was healing up from my Burnside crash one day I strolled over to the Couv Park and took a couple of pics of my homies. Little Andrew foot jam.


Ben Kellgren layin it down!

When I started to feel a bit better from my injury I thought it would be rad if I bought some pizza and beer to say thanks to all of my friends for taking care and supporting me throughout my recovery. Spencer McCabe kickin off the party with a classic boost!

The crew hanging out and enjoying life.

The next day was Jason’s bachelor party madness. We started off the night at Sassy’s Strip Club and after 5 lap dances from the lovely Malice and Jason practically falling in love with her we thought it was better for us to leave. PARTY!!!

No sleep from the night before I jumped onto a plane completely drunk with pockets full of chicken nuggets, condoms, and I was about to stay with a complete stranger Brian Tunner for 10 days in New York City.

Tunney and I heard about the bassist from Fugazi playing at the Knitting Factory in NYC so we checked it out.

Here’s me, Snooky, and Tish from the old school CBGB punk band The Sic F*cks. Here were are chillin at their shop Manic Panic. Rock or Die!

The entire trip I would take the fairy from Jersey into lower Manhattan and SHRALP the Brooklyn Banks.

Ok, so I was getting ready to take a picture when I saw these two walk up, make out viciously, and then walk away like nothing happened without saying a word to each other. Maybe they were deaf or something?

Most of my trip Tunney was busy working on the magazine so I went into the city and met up with Gutter Crew Captain, Shit Face GRADY. He told me there was a free show and we should check it out. So we walk up to the front door of the venue and Grady told the doorman that I was “Dean’s Dream” from the Dead Milkmen song and we had to get in! The doorman looked almost ashamed with himself so he let us in while everyone else was trying to bribe the other men at the door. Just so happens the place was an incredible art gallery serving free wine and food with an emo bad jammin all night long.

Tunney! Wasted! Yeah Brother! This was on our way back from Atlantic City during Mike Brennan’s bachelor party. Man, strip clubs on the East Coast are a lot different then back home. B.Y.O.B., $20 covers, and dancers working way to hard for a buck. Direct quote “I’m really glad I’m not gay” Brian Tunney. 

The next day I dragged my drunken self out of Jersey with only 2 hours of sleep to see the 2008 NYC Bicycle Film Festival, where my movie “Take It Or Leave It” was being featured as the only BMX film in the entire festival. The showing went great but the rest of the event blowed! 

Many of you might have heard about the NYC street race that went down just a little bit ago. This was probably one of the best ideas in BMX. 150 riders ragging down Broadway from Union Square to the banks for some cash. Right before the race there was this crazy street performer lady that was dancing the heat away. 


After the race we chilled on this rooftop, drank beers, and enjoyed the view. Shit, this trip was amazing.

I just wanted to say thanks to Brian and Heather for letting me stay with them and everything they helped me out with. You guys rule!

Right when I got back from my trip I was one of the groom’s men for my good friend Jason’s wedding. Supposedly our crew was voted the drunkest table out of the whole wedding. I wonder why? Here’s Spencer and the drunken raccoon. Man I hope the guy on the right didn’t have a date that night…

It’s crazy to see hope much can happen in a month’s time. And it’s even crazier to think summer has only just begun. Keep it real and party on!

– Dean


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  1. bowlfreaks Says:

    Kewl site, awesome photos.

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