2 Legends in one day!


Wel a few weeks ago the Rose Festival happened here in town and i heard there was going to be a freestyle show down there with Dave Voelker!Well hell i can’t miss that so i cruised down and the man was killing it!Chest high 540’s and a perfect flip fakie!Boom!The man is 41 and still shredding so hard!
While i was there i ran into Jamie Mcparland.If you guys dont know Jamie he probably invented half the tricks you do on a mini ramp!Well all i can say is that it was an awesome day!I posted a few pics of Voelker and a old video of jamie so check em out!

The best!

I think both these photos of Voelker were around 86′!

Jamie Watching Voelker with me!

Jamie killing DOS!Wish he would get on the bike more!I know he would kill the goods mini!


2 Responses to “2 Legends in one day!”

  1. Nick Says:

    I remember watchin jamie at dos when i was like 10

  2. teamshralp Says:

    Jamie is the best!

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