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New Like The Flu!!!!!

October 31, 2008

Hey guys just got a few new things in today!Check em out!

Subrosa Alameda Frames.

Orchid Vandever’s

Orchid Break-Hi’s

Orchid Midpoint’s


the ‘COMPLETE’ kit.

October 29, 2008

Well its almost November and to me its still feels like August was a a week ago.In the news around the shop we have some stuff going on!First off we are starting to get completes back in.We received a big FIT Bike order so if your looking for a Fit complete cruise by.Im sure we have the cheapest price on them around.

Well things have been staying busy around here so i brought in some help for the weekends.If you dont Know Jason Hendricks from being an OG Vancouver Wa local or just seeing him around the scene forever you will here soon.Jason has a strong BMX background so dont be scared to ask him anything!

As you all may have heard we are getting rid of the ramp.Thanks for everyone who wrote in trying to get it.I think we found it a good home though.Ill post pics when its moved.
On the topic of whats Boomin’ though Vince(Subrosa) is back in town and Montana Ricky is trying to convince himself he moved here.!

Instant Motivation

October 23, 2008

You can not watch this without wanting to go jump something. This was the best teaser video of all the NORA cup riders, and Sean won the Number 1 video part of the year. Sean is also moving to Seattle, so your chances of seeing this dude are going up. I wish the bum clips were in this.


Ramp for sale!!!!!

October 23, 2008

Well i knew this day would come but was kinda hoping it would be after winter.Our inventory has been growing and we need to make more room so we have to get rid of the ramp.So we are selling it!
The ramps dimensions are twelve feet wide and four feet tall.It is also layered in skatelite wich is $100 a sheet.If you have a big garage or a shed it would work awesome!You must be able to transport the ramp yourself!!We will help you dismantle it and load it on whatever your moving it with.So check the ramp out in this old Mosh web video.
Basically im selling it to the highest bidder.So email me at

Enjoy the trick flatland jam video.

October 22, 2008

Here is the video of the Enjoy The Trick jam that went down this summer here in Portland.

Enjoy the Trick 08 from JAMES MCGRATH on Vimeo.

Good Things Come In Threes

October 22, 2008

There is a video that chad shackelford put up on of one day at tigard park. Click HERE to go watch it.

Also the third Lotek SF video dropped today. check that out HERE.

Dakota’s signature frame has a flip book preview up on the fit site, and looks pretty cool. check that out HERE

Hate or Die

October 21, 2008

enns or die

I just saw this photo of Jason Enns on the cover of the new Volume catalog and he is wearing one of the Goods Hate or Die shirts. Plus it’s a rad photo.

here is a link to the catalog.


Black Hole

October 21, 2008

Dean went over the pipe like three times last saturday, He and Jesse Leske even trained it twice.

Mark Rainha photo.



New Props

October 19, 2008

I can’t wait to see the Metal Bikes trip in this! Dean Dickinson was the video guy on this trip and it should be crazy from the stories I’ve heard. 

It’s dry, go ride. 


FBM Big Air Contest Video

October 17, 2008

I’ve only been posting videos latley, and here is one more… last clips are my favorite.
click here.