the ‘COMPLETE’ kit.


Well its almost November and to me its still feels like August was a a week ago.In the news around the shop we have some stuff going on!First off we are starting to get completes back in.We received a big FIT Bike order so if your looking for a Fit complete cruise by.Im sure we have the cheapest price on them around.

Well things have been staying busy around here so i brought in some help for the weekends.If you dont Know Jason Hendricks from being an OG Vancouver Wa local or just seeing him around the scene forever you will here soon.Jason has a strong BMX background so dont be scared to ask him anything!

As you all may have heard we are getting rid of the ramp.Thanks for everyone who wrote in trying to get it.I think we found it a good home though.Ill post pics when its moved.
On the topic of whats Boomin’ though Vince(Subrosa) is back in town and Montana Ricky is trying to convince himself he moved here.!


2 Responses to “the ‘COMPLETE’ kit.”

  1. bdubbs Says:


  2. slyons Says:

    yet Ricky’s wearing a Mariners’…hmmm ominious?

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