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Windells Jam Part 2!!!!!!!

November 29, 2008

I just received news that windells is holding another jam.It will be Saturday Dec 6th so its coming up quick!I havn’t received the flier yet but in the meantime you can read more here and if your under 18 click here to get a liability waiver!!!!


We will be close Nov 26 and 27th!

November 26, 2008

But will be back open black Friday!!!!!!


November 25, 2008

We just received a shipment of Mosh stuff today!Mosh Street bars and Digital cranks all stocked back up!So come in get some or order em up from the store!

Vancouver Park History Lesson

November 22, 2008

Dean Dickinson just put up the video from the last Vancouver, WA park jam. It includes a run down of some of the history behind the park getting built. 
click here to check it out.

New Spots In Vancouver Wa!

November 22, 2008

VAncouver has been putting in that work!Click here to read more about there new and older spots!


New DFG video!!!

November 22, 2008


New Stuff!

November 20, 2008

Fit Shiv Fork.
We also just got in Fit signature wheelsets wich are front and back wheels with a nine tooth driver for $189.99,S&M Challenger stems,Fremont Slime hats,Fit Folding FAF tires,&a Fit Dehart frame ,black in 21″.

Spencer McCabe

November 20, 2008

Kills the rails!

Lil Caleb And The Portland Police.

November 19, 2008

Lil Caleb just had his seventeenth birthday yesterday and ended up getting staples in his head from the cops.
Here is the story from him.
And the staples.
Monday november,17th wasnt just my birthday but the day i was assaulted by the portland transit police.Around nine a clock i hopped on the max at he rose garden to go home,the max showed up right when i got to the stop so i didnt have time to buy my fair.When the max got to the 42nd stop two transit police officers got on the max and asked me if i had fair and i said no.He asked me for my i.d. and i said i didnt have one and he said bullshit and asked me to empty my pockets,so i said ok and he began to rubbish through my stuff and i said you dont have the right to go through my wallet and he didnt say anything so i reached across to grab my wallet off the seat and before i could even grab it the two officers grabbed me,and put arms behind my back and slammed my head into the glass that separates where the bike hanger and the chairs are.I noticed that there was blood gushing from my head everywhere.I turned around and asked the officers what they did that for and they said cause i was resisting arrest.there where 2 middle aged men on the max at that time and yelled at the officer for what they had done saying”he did not resist what so ever and the officers replyed and said sir if you dont be quit were going to arrest you as well.The man wrote down his number and told me to call him if i needed anything and that he would testify in court against the officers for what they had done to me.They pulled me of the max and sat me down on the bench and started asking me questions until the ambulance got there.My head was throbbing was light headed and my ear was filled to the brim with blood.The way they were talking to me and the rude comments they were making gave me the worst migrane ever.When the medics came the put me in the ambulance with the handcuffs still on my wrist.My mom met me at the hospital they cops didnt even give me a ticket they just told me i couldnt ride the max for 90 days.So the point of this story is that was assaulted for no reason haha.When i here there saying “protect and serve” now all i can do is laugh in disappointment.


November 18, 2008

I could not resist posting up this old pic of Eric Jensen!
Just to be fair one of him riding!