Photo Fade back….


Recently i have been thinking what i can do to make this blog better.When i think about the purpose of the blog it would be to let you guys know what is going on at Goods and to keep everyone up to date on whats going on in Portland and the Northwest.I want to make it more of a place where if you have an event going on in Nor-Cal,Oregon,Washington,Idaho, or Montana that you know you can check out the site and we will have something posted on it.So this is basically a call to arms to anyone who reads this blog.I want you guys involved more!So if you have any jams going down,Pictures of sessions or anything interesting in general email me and ill post em up!

In the meantime here are some random old photos to get you guys thru the day!
Fremont shralp board!
Garrett from Bend twisting a turndown!I think everytime i ride with Garrett he ends the session with his head bleeding.
Chester Blacksmith.
This photo of Ryan Sher is pretty old.I never got to use it for anything because just a few weeks after it was taken he started Subrosa.Still the bump jump 180 is sick!
Spencer McCabe.
Jesse Whaley.


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