Get Your Bats, and Chains


I got a message from Jilayne Jordan at Vancouver Parks and Rec. today, some a-holes sprayed a bunch of crap graffiti around the park. This means that the city/county has to clean it up. This means that the park will probably be closed all weekend. If anyone knows anything about who is responsible contact the people below. If you feel like taking care of things yourself, feel free…

Vandals force temporary closure of extreme sports park

Vandals struck the extreme sports park at Pacific Community Park some time during the night of Dec. 8, covering much of the skateboarding and BMX bicycling surfaces with graffiti, according to Clark County Public Works. The paint makes the surface unsafe for users, so the county will close the facility for several days, probably starting on Thursday, Dec. 11, while maintenance crews remove the graffiti.

The county is offering a reward of up to $200 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the people responsible for this vandalism. For more information about the reward, call Bill Bjerke at (360) 397-2446.

Maintenance workers will scour paint from the concrete using a special machine that blasts high-pressure streams of water and pumice. This process will generate a lot of sand, which the county will remove once all the graffiti is cleaned up. The sand also creates a hazard, so visitors must stay out until work is complete. Weather permitting, the extreme sports park may reopen this weekend. Signs will be posted advising visitors of the closure.


The county has considered allowing local graffiti artists to paint the extreme sports park, but has been told by a number of riders, including the company who designed and built this park (which is owned and operated by skateboarders), that painting the concrete can create a slippery riding surface, especially when the humidity is high, which is pretty often around here. For obvious reasons, the county is not willing to accept liability by purposefully increasing the chances of someone getting hurt in the park.

I know this sucks, but this is why it’s important that the people who like to tag or graffiti know that it is not welcome at this park. Why should everyone have to suffer because of the actions of a few people? We don’t like it any better than you. I believe this is the first time the park has had to close for graffiti removal since it opened a year and a half ago, which is great. Please help us make this a one-time thing! Thank you.

Jilayne Jordan
Parks Communications Specialist
Clark County Public Information & Outreach
1300 Franklin Street, 4th Floor
PO Box 9810
Vancouver, WA 98666
Phone: 360-397-6118 x. 4949


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