How Did Your Weekend go?


Well we have been getting this snow here in Portland for about a week now.Will it be gone for this weekend?I heard it might but who knows.Well i guess Windells was open this weekend.I heard they werent going to be because of the snow.I guess since they are a snowboard camp it doesnt bother them much.Well Shane sent some pics down of those who made it up!Dont forget there is another sesh this Sunday!
Lil Caleb-Invert
Shawn Mcintosh ends our trifecta of tables.Do you even live in GrantsPass anymore?????
Also there is a new Dreamland skatepark open in Harrisburg Or.
Thats right above Eugene.Ive heard from a few people its sick!Bikes are allowed to!Like that stops us anyways.
Raven boostin the hip there!
On shop news we finally received our copies of the S&M ‘I wanna live’ video!This video hits!All the parts are solid and Lil’ Jeff reps hard in it!
Come down and get a copy!Or order one online!


3 Responses to “How Did Your Weekend go?”

  1. shawn Says:

    get off me!!!!!!

  2. shawn Says:

    an yes i still live in grants pass.for now.its still the N.W. what.

  3. kyle Says:

    this fools a mark. you’ll always be little shitty from gp hahahaha

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