Some News From The Coast…..


Ryan From the coast hit me up this morning with some news about Florence…Here is his email.
‘yo shad this is ryan from the coast again, I wanted to let everyone know that the Florence skatepark is a bit more bike friendly right now, Just about everyone in the NW knows about the mean old hag grandma that calls the cops on bikes, well i was informed by the locals that the police have told the lady to find a better use of her time and stop harassing bmx kids. I have been down to Florence twice this last month and have had no problems, or confrontations with any of the locals, elderly, or police.

this is an amazing park and i know alot of people that were bummed to make the trip down there only to get busted for riding a pedal bike. hopefully the town of florence will continue to lighten up and let the bmx scene grow.

-attatched pic of the florence jump box’

keep shralpin


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