Back in the day!


Marty Mcfarland, Woodburn Or. 87
Thanks to Joe Lomeana for the pic!


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2 Responses to “Back in the day!”

  1. Jeremy Wilder Says:

    Joe told me to check this photo. That ramp has some history! When I was 15, we found these huge (for us) quarter pipes in the lot of a muffler shop in Salem. We would go over at night and ride them in the dark on gravel. We got addicted and pretty soon we rode them whenever nobody was around. We rode the old school knobbies.
    One day three trucks catch us and they are PISSED. The owner of the shop gives us release forms and the next day we are riding with these guys. That’s where I met Joe and Marty. Instantly Joe was my hero because he just went for whatever. From that point on, riding was everything to me.

  2. Mark McFarland Says:

    Boy, that brings back some memories! Those were the days. . .

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