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April 29, 2009

Found this photo of Joe Rich boosting the Burnside hip, Enjoy…


New Park Meeting Coming Up!

April 29, 2009

This is tonight!!!!!

There will be a meeting for a Happy Valley Skatepark out by Clackamas. The meeting will be tonight which is a Wednesday starting at 5pm. It will be at Sunnyside Elementary school, 103401 SE 132nd AVE, Clackamas, OR.

There have already been some decisions made on this park like the designer, and style of park. Let’s get on this one and make sure bikes are allowed. Don’t blow it like the Ed Benedict!

The Sun Is Coming…..

April 29, 2009

Lately here at the shop everyone has been real antsy.The sun showing us love with eighty degree days and then dumping rain and in the fifties the next.Its all good though Summer will be here soon enough.



Ricky Lopez and Duane came down for the weekend from Montana to shred….Ricky gettin clips.



Roman had to have surgery on his hand to connect some ligaments…


DFG jacked up on three rockstars!!!!!

Blue Falcone???

April 27, 2009

No its not the Falcone but the next best thing you can get!Chet sent some pics thru of his new ‘We The People Sleepless’ frame.Word is its lighter and has a few little tweaks to it.


Oh ya the new Ride Bmx Mag showed up at the shop today.Cruise by and grab a copy!


Manic Monday!

April 27, 2009

Ok its Monday,things dont go the way you always want….So these pics below are at the Carlton trails.I lost the rider and trail info.What i can remeber is the jumps are legal and have been going for a lil.I know Caleb Ruecker digs out there…So if you have more info post it in the comments.Sorry about the names guys!!!



Dont forget this monday!!!

April 26, 2009

Cruise down have a beer,eat some nachos,watch some BMX vids!These have been happening for a lil now and are a great time!So cruise on down!!!!!

Caleb Quanbeck Bike Check.

April 25, 2009

Caleb Leaves next Saturday for his first Shadow roadtrip down in the dirty south! Here is a look at the Subrosa Pandora he has been riding!
0.5 subrosa pandora
shadow conspiracy off set forks
subrosa pandora bars 8.25
shadow conspiracy V2 cranks 170mm
shadow conspiracy front load stem
shadow sprocket 25t
shadow conspiracy chain
animal steven hamilton plastic pedals
shadow conspiracy raptor hubs
shadow conspiracy rims
shadow conspiracy slim seat
animal light pegs
shadow conspiracy slim seat
shadow conspiracy seat post
shadow conspiracy tires 2.25

Lil Caleb & Ricky Together At Last!

April 25, 2009


Montana Ricky is in town once again, he’s always down to shred and you’ll probably find him kickin it at the shop!

New Stuff in The Shop!!!

April 24, 2009

We just got in a new Fit/S&M order today.WIth the new Fit DLT top load stem,Race XLT stems,Fit Shiv and Blade Light forks,seat clamps,dl seatposts.Also we did get in Shadow chains and Shadow creeper forks also.

Can’t Wait Justin!

April 24, 2009

The making of Stay Fit 20 With Justin Inman!Boom!Justin always films banger ass sections!Can’t wait for the vid!