Manic Monday!


Ok its Monday,things dont go the way you always want….So these pics below are at the Carlton trails.I lost the rider and trail info.What i can remeber is the jumps are legal and have been going for a lil.I know Caleb Ruecker digs out there…So if you have more info post it in the comments.Sorry about the names guys!!!





3 Responses to “Manic Monday!”

  1. ryan luty Says:

    the pictures were tooken by me (ryan luty) and the pitures are of chris reed

  2. christopher Says:

    thats me chris from carlton
    and ryan luty took the pics
    but ya sage, caleb and i work down on the carlton dirt
    and we are going to be having a jam on june 7th
    the jumps are hittin so come check them out!

  3. David Joy Says:

    Fuck yeah Chris!!!! Dialed as fuck!

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