East End Video Night!!


This coming up Monday!!!Cruise the bike down and chill!!!Check the flyer for times and videos!!!


Here is another pic from the jam this weekend.Joe Loumena Diamond Back pit bike wheelie to broken Uni post!!


Does anyone know where the Tool Shed is on Powell Blvd??Well if you do this was the scene in 87′.Monte Hill, turndown!They had a sick half pipe behind the shop and used to hold local conteststs!!!


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4 Responses to “East End Video Night!!”

  1. Jared Says:

    Shit, when you mentioned that Monte Hills ramp was behind that place, that was the photo that came to mind. That photo is awesome.

  2. David Joy Says:

    What! That was basically across the street from where I grew up! I’ve always seen the really haggard quaterpipe in the back of that place but never really thought nothing of it!

  3. Bristol Says:

    Correct me if Im wrong but that basically is the first turndown. Of course it’s cranked since everthing in Oregon is done with style.

  4. Jim C Says:

    Oh yeah I remember that photo! Good one John!

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