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2010 Verde Vex

June 30, 2009

Now in stock!Come in the shop or go to the online store and get yours today!
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Bristol & the 540.

June 30, 2009

Click here to see a cool vid about Bristol getting 540’s back.
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Donald Pool Party

June 27, 2009

John Ivers *Image by Jared Souney*
Couple of weeks ago was the Donald Pool Party, and Dean put together an edit to show what went down. The jam was great and the riding was pretty good. Check it out over on by clicking here!

There is also a fit video update thing featuring eddie cleveland so watch that too.

Don’t forget to make plans to come to the next jam. It will be July 3rd at Shad and Spencer’s house, right by Lloyd center. Check the flyer below.
Get it flat flyer


This Monday at East End Bar!

June 26, 2009

Show up its always a good time!

Just passing thru….

June 25, 2009

See you guys……..



Team Shralp!Get it Flat Jam!

June 25, 2009

I know the flyer says june but its supposed to say July 3rd.
Also if you live in the Olympia area and want to get a good park read this,get involved and be active!One of the riders in that area sent this thru.

Olympia Parks Department is having a meeting at Yauger Skate Court on Friday the 26th at 4pm. They intend to lay down the rule of no bikes and a fine for anyone violating that but also want input on how to work with bikes on building a bike park. I have tried to make the point that building a bike park area with dirt jumps and some other stuff will help a bit but the best solution for everyone would be to allow bikes and expand the skate park since it’s too small or build a bigger one someplace with a dirt jump area as well. I pointed out that anything built that would truly satisfy the all the bike riders needs would be suitable for skateboards as well and a reverse problem would exist.

Anyway activate your contact network and get as many riders to show on Friday as you can. Tell anyone that can not make the meeting to email Terry Rogers( and nicely explain why they like riding in the park and what they think the city could do to help riders and skaters.

(if you read the whole bottom part then it means you can help out even if your not in the area, or if you don’t bike at all. not to mention skaters you get us out of the park or widen your area)

New Stuff in the Shop!

June 25, 2009

We just got in-
Animal wedge posts
Animal Sprockets
Animal Sway Bars
Sunday morning 2.1 forks
Shadow interlock chains
Also Crash wanted me to post up his new Fit tattoos!

Eujam Photos!

June 22, 2009

Eujam went down this weekend and our man Andrew Callaci came thru with some pics!To csee them all click here!
Boog Dawg doing it up!
Dave Thom. 30 punks. and Dodge Darts!
Slo Dogg doing what he does best now!

Step by Step.

June 22, 2009

With all the rain lately it has been making this week drag.
Codie Larsen throwing the bars on his new Verde Cadet.
Picture 2
Kenneth from the Couv’ with his new Fit Dak he got here at the shop!
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Check the new ride out guys!Our man Roman Tencza has a bio in the new Ride magagzine so check it out!
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Carlton Jam Video

June 20, 2009

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Click the link below for the vid!

Carlton Bmx Jam from Kevin Staninger on Vimeo.