Get it Flat Jam Photos.


Well the jam at my apartment went of pretty good considering we had no permission and built two eight foot quarter pipes with a channel over the stairs at my place.We made it till about seven at night when the cops finally shut it down.Thanks to everyone who showed up and all of you who didnt missed out!These pics were stolen from Andrew Callaci’s flickr so click here to see even more pics!

John Ivers is from Oakland and has been in town for a while shredding.I think he shredded every bike he could find last night.Here he is on Spencer’s CW bare foot!
Snotty was roasting the channel all day long!
The first of the police to come by the house.This officer actually stopped because John Ivers boosted over the channel landed and then hit the side of the cop car.Luck was with him on this one because he just got out of the car,said we were stupid and went on his way.It was real weird.
Myself rockin a sweeper.
Paulie definitely had some of the nicest turndowns of the day.
Chester Blacksmith is back from his euro adventure and you could tell he was stoked to be home!
Lil Codie was reppin’ the Johns all day!
Randy moved here from the NE a while ago.It was cool to see him at the jam throwing down.
Boyd was killing the quarter all day!It was rad to see him shredding!


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One Response to “Get it Flat Jam Photos.”

  1. S.Brothers Says:

    These pics rage. Fuck fireworks… it’s THIS type of aerial that makes me proud to be an American. Ha haa!

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