Eugene Sesh


Picture 2
I made up another little photo book, this one is of a session down in Eugene the other day. There are shots of Codie, Caleb, Chet, Max, Snotty, Shawn, Boogdawg, and Shad. CLICK HERE TO SEE IT



4 Responses to “Eugene Sesh”

  1. slodogg Says:

    they had this thing in eugene 3 weeks ago in which a bunch of people already did this. maybe you coulda shown up.

    p.s. dont let shad ever wear a tanktop again mkthx

    ❤ slo

  2. Brendan Says:

    haha i wish i went to the jam, I got back from my trip like a day before. As for Shad’s body glove tank top, his skin couldnt handle the sun and he swapped it out!

  3. Bogues Says:

    Churchill = The Best
    Shad in a tank top = The worse

  4. michaela Says:

    i just want to fuck them all!!! <3333

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