‘Get it Flat’ Video!


Hey guys the vid for the ‘Get it Flat’ jam is up on the ESPN site.Click here to see it!

John Ivers roastin’!
Pic-Caleb Ruecker



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3 Responses to “‘Get it Flat’ Video!”

  1. Dean Dickinson Says:

    The Grotto video is also up on the ESPN BMX site featuring interviews with Brad and Roman. Check it here:


  2. Steve Sitzman Says:

    that is a really great video Dean !

    I like how it went from the action to the interview and back several times and the cut to the cop scene right at the end of the first song

    great editing

    also the jam was pretty awesome too with some killer riding

    the 540 and the flair were both tits !

  3. nick benson Says:

    i just got say that im so fuckin stoked to see johnny i blowin up on espn.com. dean you don’t know me but thank you. im one of the older guys from martinez were johns from and it just gets me so pumped to see him doin what i know he can. johnny if you see this all i gotta say is you deserve it. good things happen to good people and the next time your back on home turf look me up brother and we will blaze up for sure!

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